Tip #68 - Bring A Jacket

Always layer and / or take a sweater or multi-purpose jacket with you, wherever you go. It can get cool pretty fast and a tourist location is not the place to have to buy this item. They will be priced a little higher obviously and you would probably spend too much without a second thought just because you need one! Not a good decision for your travel budget necessarily – especially if it is an unbudgeted item.

That is where the checklist comes in handy when packing your suitcase in the first place. Planes can also be very cool spaces, so ask for a blanket and pillow when you sit down in your seat.

Keep in mind that strong winds can cool down your body at a faster rate than usual. And you may come down with a flu easily if you are caught in the rain in this situation. Even though the temperature at your vacation destination may not seem to be cold, you may still need a sweater or windbreaker.

Go for those made of lightweight, water repellent, and breathable material made by Goretex or Northface. These good quality jackets are not cheap, but are worthwhile investments if you travel a lot.

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