Tip #57 - Vacation Memories

Multimedia and technology are travel essentials these days. Recordings before, during and after can all be captured and enjoyed over and over. An added benefit is that they weight less and take up “no additional room”.

It helps you assemble memories, so buying and budgeting for extra rechargeable batteries, charger-kits, adapter plugs, cables, carry-bags, memory cards and/or recordable media might very well be the best investment you make on and for your trip. For the return on investment is huge! Upon your return, it is always exciting to re-live key and precious, shared moments.

You could hear and view a tour guide, entertainers, or musicians enjoyed during your journey. Avoid buying and taking heavy travel guides with you (make copies of pages of interest). At your destination, there will always also be myriads of local sources at your disposal that offers a unique perspective, current pricing and information that might be outdated in even the most recent travel guides or magazines.

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