Lodging Questions that Save You Money

Let's go straight to the point on the few questions you should ask when hunting for discount hotels:

1) Ask around or google for hotel discount coupons. You may just get lucky...

2) Check with the hotel if they have a frequent guest plan that you can take advantage of.

3) Ask about package deals.

4) If attending a conference, ask for the delegate rate.

5) Explore options other than hotels - short-term ‘lease' (rent a house for a month), staying with family, friends, relatives or business contacts (a double-edged sword here, you can make or break a wonderful relationship), self-catering apartments. Farmhouses, monasteries and convents, and student hostels are good options if you're travelling alone or with your buddies. You may also wish to try 'capsule' hotels if you're travelling to Japan.

6) Avoid big hotel bills - try leveraging on memberships, family-friendly hotels, and ask for cheaper rooms usually those that do not have that nice sea view. Certain rooms are also cheaper because of the level they reside on or because they have 'unlucky' numbers, especially in countries like Hong Kong.

7) Continental breakfasts are a great money-saver for large families.

8) Ask about any reduced fares at hotels - consider last-minute check-ins, hotels are rarely really fully booked.

9) Eating in a supermarket deli-like counter proves to be much cheaper than fast-food locations or expensive restaurants. Ask around for cheap and good places to dine in; most locals would be more than willing to offer suggestions.

The best advice I can give: Unless you are on a honeymoon trip with your spouse, otherwise forget about fanciful hotels and services, you will be out of the hotel most of the time.

Weirdest place I've slept in a foreign country?

Between two tombs (a man's and his wife's) out in the village wilderness. It's not some silly test of courage. It was too dark to travel safely and any form of protection from the freezing wind is a god-send.

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