Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Packing

What and how you pack your lugguage will save you a lot of unecessary expenses. These expenses, though small, add up to quite a sum. Preparing your lugguage properly allows you to have a peace of mind and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

1) Avoid last minute convenience buying. Set time aside for some comparison shopping for your necessities before your trip.

2) Empty cheap dollar-store equivalent plastic bottles filled up with shampoo, shower gel and body powder you usually use will go a long way to save you some money. You can also recycle small plastic bottles from those free samples. Buyers beware of travel size items and traveller's toiletries pack. Typically, you do not find these items economically priced.

3) A trusted toiletry bag, stocked with all you might need, ready to go is always a good idea. Having your toiletry and bathroom essentials ready at all times will reduce the likelihood of forgetting something important like your toothbrush and having to buy one.

4) Invest in a small, customized first aid kit with various basic items like aspirin, bandaids, antacids, and cold remedies. The hotel convenience store or local pharmacy prices can be astronomically and notoriously over-priced. Make sure the drugs conform to the local regulations of your travel destination - you don't want to be held up at the customs for hours. Get suitable replacements from your physician if possible. A doctor's letter does not grant you customs immunity.

5) Back-to-the-basics: always have an extra pair of socks, pantyhose, and underwear somewhere. Be prepared for anything and everything, including delays. If there are delays on your return trip, for any reason, it is reassuring to know that you will at least have fresh undergarments to wear!

6) Pack wisely and include a couple of extra outfits. Hotel dry-cleaning is expensive and having a quick change of clothes for a spill or other inevitabilities is always a good idea. Liquid laundry soap or washing powder can be a good investment for clothing that needs a little spot cleaning or laundering, hand washing it in the sink will also save you money while en route.

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