Tip #29 - Check Your Travel Luggage

Worried about the appearance of your luggage? Cannot afford new suitcases? Does your travel-tools and luggage look worn, stained and on its last legs? An old beat-up suitcase or backpack will almost always get picked for random security inspections. The last thing you want is to get stopped for every single random spot-check and be delayed for your next destination.

Clean the exterior of leather luggage with a good liquid saddle soap and conditioner. All canvas luggage can easily be cleaned using a small amount of detergent, some water, and a scrub brush. Nylon and vinyl luggage takes mild detergent and a small amount of water to be wiped down. It is never a good idea to “soak” or immerse your suitcase in water.

Ensure that the interior of your luggage is clean and mold-free so that your clothes will arrive clean and fresh. Remember to air it out after cleaning it as you would for the exterior. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Inspect luggage accessories including zippers, wheels, handles and identification tags. Make sure these are still functioning properly. Lugging a heavy suitcase around with a broken handle is a bad idea.

If your luggages are not salvageable, watch for retail sales, consider borrowing from a friend or relative or do the outlet, clearance and closeout circuits for bargains.

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