Tip #44 - Prevent Leakage within Luggage

A word to the wise when packing your luggage: All things fluid and liquids in plastic bottles or containers should be placed in sealable plastic bags that will not leak. Wrapping a bottle in a towel or clothing will not protect it or keep it from leaking and staining your clothes. The damage could be permanent and lead to unnecessary cost for laundry services and or replacement for clothes you really did not need or want.

When buying a toiletries bag, look for those that have water-resistant nylon shell that will prevent shower gel and shampoo from leaking through. Preferably, it should have a cord to tie up the opening with an external zipper for double security against leaks.

Store 'soft' toiletries bag in your shoe to prevent other things from compressing the bag's contents. Another option is to use an airtight container such as those for storing food to keep all your toiletries in it.

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