Tip #25 - Start Your Vacation Right

Arrive early at the airport and allow enough time for security screenings and clearing customs. Try getting to the airport at least two hours before your flight time on domestic flights and even earlier on international flights. A favorite or planned book to read or something fun to do will keep you occupied if you do end up having time on your hands.

You will be less stressed and rushed and enjoy your getting there part of your journey, starting the fun-part of your travel endeavor early. A positive travel attitude will focus on the fact that time passes quickly and with most boarding happening early these days due to security concerns it is definitely more crucial to be early rather than risking being refused at the boarding gate due to the new regulations.

Plan for and depart in a timely, orderly fashion, in a more relaxed frame of mind and without incident. Be an empowered, action-oriented, pro-active perceptive traveller and you will be rewarded with a trip characterized by smooth sailing and good memories.

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