Tip #96 - Final Checks

Another final, last minute check: it is advisable to check every detail and aspect of your luggage. This will include the handles, wheels and zippers on every suitcase and bag before leaving on your trip. Be sure and budget for the worst-case scenario that you have to replace your luggage and suitcase. If it ends up not being necessary, you have a little bit of extra cash to treat yourself and some discretionary budget spending!

Tip #95 - Verify Luggage Allowances

Always verify your luggage allowances and flight details. Without exception, always check in advance on the amount of luggage you may take. Planes, trains and coaches all have regulations regarding the amount and size of luggage. It is considered courtesy to stick to their requirements and can save you a lot of embarrassment, added expense, aggravation, and trouble.

Tip #94 - Pack A Bottle

Bottled water and beverages are often sold at much higher than normal prices at tourists attractions. A money-saver tip is to bring along lightweight plastic flask to be filled with water, fruit juice, or whatever you prefer. Carry it in your shoulder bag and again resist the urge to splurge to quench your thirst!

Tip #93 - Utilize local resources

Utilize local resources and access their expertise knowledge in order to cut down on costs. Get information and coupons for special attractions, family passes and two-for-one offers, free coupon booklets or special discounted offers and tickets you might not be able to find anywhere else. They also send material and guides in advance that can help you plan, budget, compare and decide when, where, how and why, soon, sooner, soonest!

Tip #92 - Plane Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements on the plane can be done in advance or at time of booking even. Ensure you get what is comfortable for you, verify upon check-in, and boarding that you have what you need, requested and paid for. Who knows, you might just score and upgrade if seats are available.

Tip #91 - Holiday Homework

Be SMART and informed about public holidays, special events, concerts and attractions in the countries and areas you plan to be visiting. This has been mentioned many times in my blog posts. By doing your homework early and coming up with budgetary categories and discretionary funds for entertainment and special events helps you with priorities, plan itineraries, save and execute a memorable and unforgettable trip.

Tip #90 - A Staple Essential

A staple essential is tissue and toilet paper in your shoulder bag. Some suggest toilet seat covers as well. Hygiene will go long way to protect you from disease and illness. Something you definitely do not need while on vacation is getting sick or infected! Hand sanitizer and wipes are other small travel essential you can consider for your pockets or travel bag when you are out and about your dream destination, taking in the sights.