Tip #27 - On Flight to Vacation

If you are in for a long international or domestic flight, there are several suggestions for seeing it through. Enduring long hauls and not getting uncomfortable or bored is the key here. A good night's sleep the night before, wearing comfortable, non-confining, wrinkle resistant clothes, and shoes that are fully broken in are all advisable.

Getting up regularly and walking around, making several trips to the washroom to wash your face and brush your teeth will keep you refreshed. Taking a casual stroll up and down the aisles of an airplane is a real lifesaver and keeps the circulation going.

Avoid costly in-air, shopping catalogues, costly phone calls and frequent alcoholic drinks from the bar as all are prices at premium and will add up! Take along lots of water, snacks and reading materials. If you are travelling with kids, ensure toys, activities, and a cooled snack-pack for them too.

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