Tip #20 - Traveller's Alarm

A frequent-traveller's favorite and luggage essential is a trusted small, lightweight travel alarm. It will prove to come in handy repeatedly and is easily carried anywhere. They are freely available and affordable from specialty travel stores as well as discount stores. Frequently, travel alarms are sales items, so wait to make your purchase, if you can.

If you have brought your cellphone along, you can also make use of the world clock alarm functions instead of a specialty traveller's alarm clock. One thing to avoid using is your wrist watch alarm function. These alarms are usually not for use as a 'wake-up' alarm as they are too soft in volume. Even a light sleeper may not be aroused as easily after a day of travelling / vacationing.

Also, avoid using radio alarm clocks that are powered from the ac mains. A blackout can occur during your sleep and cut off the power to the alarm clock. You don't want to miss your flight!

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