Discount Hunters

Are you a discount hunter? No? Well, it's time to be one. You'll be surprised how much less you can pay for the same travel destination by doing some comparison-shopping.

Here are various useful information and travel sources to assist you in this money-saving undertaking for travelling on a budget:

1) Web-pages and online providers who specialize in hot deals for vacation package bargains.

2) Travel websites brokerages and discount fare operators, airline carriers and websites with last minute fares and seat sales.

3) Travel specialist portals taking advantage of overnight flights, empty seats and multiple connections and other ways to save money while traveling the globe.

4) Printed material, budget travel magazines, and e-zines offering industry and insider travel tips, student and backpacking tips, and even specific destination guidebooks.

5) Various customized, targeted guidebooks are ideal for backpacking and exploring remote and or popular destinations of choice, with lots of valuable information for both upscale and budget travellers.

6) Word-of-mouth from regular travellers, colleagues, family and friends who travel frequently often share great insights. We cannot discount these value-adding insights.

7) Coupons and special vouchers, family discounts and specials, online, limited-time internet bargains.

8) Condominium or developers, resort, time-share promotions. Camping, tourist boards and information centers.

Setting up a quick quote or cost-analysis for your planned journey, a rough travel expense account or budgeting outline to get started, is always a good idea to give your dreams some wings. At the very least, you will have an idea and some kind of baseline and starting point.

One thing to note as a travel discount hunter: Make doubly sure the information you get is complete and trustworthy. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Of course, exceptions do pop-up, such as the island caretaker job on Hamilton Island. Just be a little more on guard when discount hunting. Do not get caught by ill-reputed providers and travel-scams. Always read the fine print!

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