Prioritize your wish list

A wish list of your desired travel destinations is a good way to start planning for your current and future vacations.

Making at least the first goal or location visit on the list happen this year is a matter of prioritizing. Rank according to destinations that you really desire to visit, see, conquer, treasure, explore in your lifetime.

Do some research on your dream destinations. Do not rely on your imagination of your dream destination. The human mind is very clever at deceiving itself (NLP anyone?). Do not rely just on the ads from travel agencies - you may be surprised (and disappointed!) at how different your dream destination is from the pictures and description in the brochures.

Get first-hand account of the places from relatives, neighbours, friends and colleagues. You can also try searching video sharing sites for holiday videos that travellers might have uploaded to know more.

Next up: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals will help you create and prioritize your wish list.

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