One-Word Answer to the Travel Dilemma...


Traveling is both exciting and exhilarating. It appeals to the majority of us for various reasons. It all seems to stem from somewhere deep within our human make-up. We are social and curious beings. Our earlier nomadic traditions and heritage, urge us to explore and conquer our world, both known and unknown. It has always been a quest and inspiration to go somewhere we have not been before and see places unseen until now.

The travel dilemma most of us face is simply when and where to take our next trip or vacation for leisure purposes. We looked briefly at a couple of money-saving tips that helped us answer a couple of key questions: Where are the places that I would like to go and how do I plan for my vacation?

Making the decision about where to go and when to travel is the easy part. It does not matter if we are traveling as sun or adventure seekers, to see family or people we know at a certain location or country, attend a spectacular or special event, visiting an exotic destination or just simply looking for peace and quiet.

The best time to start planning your trip is when the impulse hits you! Send away for information right away to learn more about your destination of choice.

Plan your trip so everyone has fun and budget for it accordingly! Think child-centered activities or a personal interest indulgence. Save money by deciding early and balance the family interest. Avoid trying to fit in all the “touristy” must-sees that will add up in the end. Select a few of them you really cannot bear to miss and enjoy them together.

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