Little details that you may miss out...

Attractions: Ensure the details are taken care of, like how early or late the attraction is open, transportation to and from the location and be smart by wearing flat shoes and taking drinking water along for in case the wait is longer than expected. Remember, everyone else will be eager to see what he or she came to see too. It might take a little longer at popular venues, so plan your itinerary accordingly.

Weather: Beware of other details like, what time of year you choose to travel, what the weather will be like, the impact of seasonal travelling, public or special holidays and more. Be smart and budget for the unexpected delays, unplanned extended stays, inevitable layovers and more, especially during wintery seasons.

The bottom line if things don't go as planned: Show some resilience, positive attitude and utilize your financial resourcefulness to make the most of your trips, regardless of what life and fate throws at you!

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