Travelling with Partners

When travelling as a couple, double rooms in a hotel are mostly cheaper than a single room. Consider sharing, but choose and weigh your travel partners wisely! Ensure that you are financially independent of one another and that all parties are responsible with money and will not come running to you expecting to help. Clarify needs and wants and highlight some mutual respect for these.

Ask the question of whether personal habits are compatible. How would they react in crisis-mode? These factors are handy to know in advance, in order to prepare you for anything. Save money by protecting your financial interests. Avoid others taking advantage of you, and you ending up paying for mostly everything and sponsoring extravagant spenders. The onus is on you to ensure you take care of every detail.

This would include who and how you will pay for what. Discuss and stipulate it literally to ensure all parties are informed. Then clarify and agree on it. Be smart and act early to sort out any differences to avoid conflict and disagreement. Schedule regular time apart and pool some of your money into a ‘kitty’ to pay for outings and entertainment.

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