Tip #2 - Reliable Travel Information

Travel resources and destination guides are a great help and good place to start gathering destination and relevant information. Consult as many of them and check often for new and up-to-date resources in print and online. Utilise memberships to save money.

For example, if you are an AAA (American Automobile Association) member, you can take advantage of their free travel guides. Avoid costly mistakes and unanticipated costs by knowing what is happening in the area at the time you are planning to take your trip. Are there any conventions, major sports events or concerts, trade shows and other happenings in and around where you plan to be? Might any of these factors influence cost and availability? For example, a Formula 1 race may raise hotel rates in areas close to where the event is held. Ensure informational detail provided is reliable and current.

Be smart, check and verify the information provided to ensure that it is up to date and accurate.

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