The Simplest Cost-Saving Tip...

Take advantage of travel and flight agencies' discounts! Let them compete all they want, we benefit from it!

Most people mistakenly think that you need a lot of money to travel, or that vacations are simply too expensive and lavish. This is a good example of a wrongful assumption. Travelling ‘light’ so to speak, with limited cash, combined with a positive attitude and a deep personal commitment, persistence and resourcefulness is possible.

Simply put, planning pays and travel budgets save money. Taking the extra time to review sources at your disposal prior to, during and after your trip encourages a hands-on, pro-active approach to traveling and vacationing in general.

Taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities and discounts, limited offers and utilizing tips and tricks from frequent travelers are keys to travel success. Lessons learned will serve us all well when taking our next trip, whether to the campgrounds, some exotic tropical paradise or both!

Next up: Places where you can find these discounts...

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