Tip #4 - Pets

Remember to budget some additional funds for taking care of those dear ones who cannot do so for themselves: animal friends and pets. Special arrangements for pets should be made prior to any trip and well in advance. This applies, whether pets are being cared for at home by a neighbor or friend, placed in a kennel (taking a mini-vacation oftheir own!), or accompanying you on your trip.

Save money by checking your options at your destination. Some rental vacation homes, apartments, hotels and resorts are pet-friendly and encourage owners to bring them along. Avoid unnecessary costs of boarding. Make it a rule-of-thumb however, to verify any details pertaining to animals prior to departure. Be smart and get all vet visits, guidelines, travel documents and other paperwork that applies done in advance. If you do not have any pets, looking after your domicile and belongings should be left to a trusted and responsible party you trust and value.

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