A professor once told me...

"It's just a matter of priority"

During my university days, there was this particular professor who likes to invite students from other faculties to sit in and listen to his lectures for his psychology majors. Feeling curious and geeky at that time, I attended one of them during free time between my own lectures.

On a particular lecture about stress and health, he mentioned "The number of things you have to do in your entire life is endless. A mountain of tasks? There's nothing to be stressed about. It's just a matter of priority."

Get a piece of paper and pen. Spend some time to make a list of destinations you would like to visit in your lifetime.

Out of your list of dream destinations, you cannot possibly achieve reaching all of them, and nor should you perhaps. Going after these dreams in a planned fashion will mean a significant investment of time, money, energy and opportunities. You will need to prioritize.

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