Tip #10 - Travel Documents for Electronics

In a time when technology is so much a part of our lives, we barely give it a second thought. It is however very wise to have handy proof of purchase or receipts for any high-tech equipment you might be transporting. Shortlist your inventory of cameras, mp3 players, DV camcorders, notebook computers, netbooks, etc., you are taking with and keep them all in a file together with all your other travel documents.

This could be your redeeming feature when clearing customs and them wanting to charge you duty on these. It is useful to have to ensure minimum delay and no additional cost. Do this even if the items were purchased before traveling.

Spending the time on this now way in advance of your planned trip, will ensure smooth sailing and saved dollar down the road. It is definitely worth the effort. Holding on to receipts for newly purchased items, also assists you upon your return to consolidate spending and assess cost, as you wrap up your vacation expenditures, budget and plan for the next trip!

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