Tip #13 - Travel Snacks

Taking care of feeding and fueling the human machine is important. When traveling, it is all about energy and stamina. How far can you go and keep on going? Whether on a led tour or even for traveling alone, it is wise to have handy some ‘snack packs’ and tit-bits.

These could include raisins, nuts, cheese and crackers, small foil envelopes of tea and coffee, and fresh fruit. Instant breakfast drinks might also help to replenish and re-energize, when you need it most.

Having a snack handy or as a quick pick-me-up, could be a lifesaver and is considered a necessity, not a luxury! It will also save you money and exercising the option to have “healthy” alternatives on-hand, will keep you protected from that dreaded holiday pounds that add on so quickly as well!

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